Pre-Alpha 2.1


Editor writing capability

ls command

Locale formatter to morphcoin look command


Bug with bruteforce command

Several typing issues

Wallet command error handling

Pre-Alpha 2.0


Computer hardware

System for building computers

System workload

Task-manager app that displays system utilization

Wallet app that displays balance and transactions

Hardware-shop app to buy computer components

File-manager app

Settings app to set the wallpaper and terminal text color

CPU miner app that generates in-game cryptocurrency

Texteditor app

Basic network system (currently only available in the terminal)

New terminal commands


Base for hardware exchange among players

Ability to shut down computers

Ability to switch between computers

Possibility to report bugs via a link in the start menu


Progressive web app support and update indicator

Ability to change the account password

Ability to stop and delete services, exception: SSH (not available in the frontend yet)


Computers disassembly while keeping the parts

Login and registration, added a password strength indicator

Filesystem with directories

Improved commands in the terminal

New app icon design


Password requirements: no special characters, but instead one upper and lower case character

Removed the browser app draft

Removed email addresses at registration


Resizing of app windows

Several bugs in the start menu and the terminal

Miner app could be opened multiple times

Many bugs in the frontend and backend

Pre-Alpha 1.0


Login and registration area

Desktop with taskbar and start menu

First program: Terminal + 20 basic commands

In-game cryptocurrency "Morphcoin"

Wallets to store money

Hacker attack: bruteforce

Services: ssh, telnet, portscan

Access to remote systems by entering specific commands

Basic filesystem: create, open, rename and delete files (e.g. wallet is a file)