Title Image from: Update Pre Alpha 2.1

Update Pre Alpha 2.1

Author: Maximilian, Marius

We are moving on! We are proud to present the Pre Alpha 2.1.
There are no big changes but we improved some small details of the game. So, the v0.2.1 instead of introducing new features, contains some bug fixes and two minor additions.

Finally, you can edit text directly inside the editor. Furthermore, the output of the 'ls' command was altered: Files and Folders are now visually differentiated by a different color and an optional prefix. For the better!

Depending on the browser's configured language, the terminal command 'morphcoin look [wallet]' now uses your local decimal separator. Consisting of either dot or comma.
DE = 30,00 MC
EN = 30.00 MC

We sincerely hope you like these small yet lovely changes.

Have fun playing and exploring!