Title Image from: Pre-Alpha 1.0 - Released 🎮

Pre-Alpha 1.0 - Released 🎮


It's time! After almost 12 months of development, we are now releasing the first playable version - Pre-Alpha 1.0. Be there to try it out and explore! 🙂

This version allows players to create their own wallet and files. The terminal is ready to explore with its first basic commands. Also we can hack another computer by a bruteforce attack. After a long development we are all proud that we have set the first milestone together as a team. However, this does not mean that the team can rest, because the concept for the Pre-Alpha 2.0 is already being designed and can be implemented soon.

Many thanks to Chaozz! He took the time to create an update video. Leave a like and comment. Make sure you watch it! 💓

Look at it! The first video "Cryptic - Pre-Alpha 1.0"! 👌

This way to the game: Cryptic