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Title Image from: Update Pre Alpha 2.1
5/17/2021 Update Pre Alpha 2.1 Es geht weiter! Wir stellen euch die Pre Alpha 2.1 vor. Es ist zwar kein großer Schritt, doch wir finden die Verbesserungen in den Details wieder. In der v0.2.1 haben sich nicht viele Dinge verändert. Der ein oder andere Bug wurde gefixt und zwei Neuerungen sind hinzu gekommen. Endlich sind Textänderungen direkt im Editor möglich. Außerdem wurde die Ausgabe über den Command 'ls' etwas modifiziert. Dateien und Ordner werden nun farbich und wahlweise mit einem Prefix unterschieden. Besser so! B
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Title Image from: Gamedesign ist auf der Zielgeraden - Next Version 3.0
3/28/2021 Gamedesign ist auf der Zielgeraden - Next Version 3.0 Seit Anfang November 2020 ist das Gamedesign an der nächsten Version Pre-Alpha 3 dran! Wir bedanken uns bei allen Mitwirkenden, die fleißig geholfen haben, den schriftlichen Part so weit voranzubringen! Damit setzen wir einen kleinen, aber dennoch sehr wichtigen, Schritt in Richtung Pre-Alpha 3. Auch wenn es nur ein kleiner Schritt zum großen Ziel ist, sind wir froh, dass wir es bis hierher geschafft haben. Wenn die neue Spiellogik im Gamedesign abgeschlossen ist können wir anschließend mit
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The Project

The project "Cryptic" was initiated by the german YouTuber The Morpheus. It was first announced on October 15, 2017 with an announcement video (german). The goal of the project is to create a unique experience for the players, but primarily make it possible for people interested in coding and computer science to develop and improve their existing skills and create something great. This includes the determining of the game content, the design, sounds, the programming, the testing and the server maintenance.

Together, we daily strive to make Cryptic better and want to give you an interesting, adventurous and playful introduction into the world of hacking.

What is Cryptic?

Cryptic is a MMO Hacking-Simulation with realtime strategy elements. Using specific programs and command, you can infiltrate the systems of other players and the global infrastructure. Level up your hardware and software, produce your own malware in your development center or communicate with other players to plan a joint attack. But this is just the beginning.

Help the cyber police as a white hat to put a stop to the activities of malicious hackers or become a black hat, cripple whole networks and spy the other players.



The frontend team creates the gaming surface, where Cryptic is played. This includes all conceivable game elements e.g. a desktop, or various apps within the game, which provides an interesting feeling. The challenge is to code complex game mechanics without any game engine. You should bring knowlege of website developement, expertise in TypeScript, Angular and Git. In the ideal case, you bring SCSS knowlege too.


The backend team codes the complex game logic and is responsible to maintain it. Another part is the testing of the backend-structures as well as the writing of a performant code, so there are no performance issues. You should bring good knowlege of Java, Python and Git.


The game design team deals on a theoretical level with the content, characteristics and factors that must be present for the design of an exciting game. This means that we work out all the content of the game together. This includes e.g. the development of a desktop, the invention of various hacker attacks and a terminal or an experience system and their respective logic. The most important requirement is to be creative and to keep an eye on the connection between many different factors and parameters.


The design team is split into three different sectors. The sector “graphics“ creates all required icons, design templates und additional footage, which is needed by the game or website. “Videoproduction“ creates all different kinds from videos such as trailers, intros and animations. The sector “sounddesign“ composes whole pieces of music and creates sound effects.


The website team is developing the website and maintains it. This includes the development of various menu pages, a header and footer, as well as other functions and areas that will be implemented during the course. You should have knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, SCSS and Vue.js.


The security team deals with code audits, penetration testing and developement of security concepts, for you can play Cryptic in a secure environment. Experiences in web-hacking e.g. XSS and SQLi, and experience in dealing with tools such as nmap, sqlmap and burp are mandatory.


In the translation section, all relevant texts are translated into the respective foreign language. You should have good German and foreign language skills. We are currently looking for translators for English.


The text team writes and corrects all possible texts that arise for the project and game. You should like to deal with texts as well as have good German and English language skills. We are currently starting to introduce a wiki for Cryptic, so we are still looking for active editors.


What is the "community project"?

The "community project" is a project that has been announced in October 2017 by The Morpheus Tutorials. We build a 2-dimensional browser game from scratch. The team consists of people of different age groups. We meet in Discord to work together. You can find more information in the specification sheet.

Do I have to be able to code?

No, you don't have to be able to code in order to help develop the game. You can also join teams like game design, text, and graphic design.

Is it possible for a beginner to help with the coding?

As a beginner, this project might be too difficult for you, so we might advise beginners to continue improving their skills. You can decide between the backend in Python or Java and the frontend in Angular and HTML. In your department, you should know the basics of the respective programming language. Everything else you will learn in the course of the project.
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